Ulla van den Heuvel & Susan Bauer


Fashion Designers




Ulla and Susan met when they were working together for fashion designer Kostas Murkudis. Since then they have collaborated on numerous projects. When asked by Blake Hamster to contribute the cut designs for a range of shirts they were delighted. Although the work process turned out to be a bit tricky. Numerous demands and personal opinions had to be regarded. Susan and Ulla strived to create a »favourite shirt«, which is recognisable and comfortable. They started out by presenting numerous drafts and concepts. One of their main ambitions was to find a common ground between art und functionality. The strived to create cuts which should artistic in their attitude, with lots of astute details, but still easy to wear and combine. The final version of the male cut is inspired by functional elements of army-underwear prior to WWII. The female cut drew inspiration from a roughly 20 years old shirt Ulla and Susan stumbled upon in their vast archives. And while in retrospect they describe the project as a great success and a very relaxed work experience, the fact that most of the work was done at nighttime, led them to choose two ghosts representing themselves in their logo.    [less ^]


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