On Blake Hamster Release NO_000

The DAA (designers against aids) shirt was Blake Hamsters first release.

The redesign of Bernhard Willhelm's shirt ties in with connotations of his original dinosaur motive: »wild love/sex«, »strength« and »protective skin«. Building on these themes, Blake Hamster gave the sleeves the protective look of a knight's armour and based the design of the shirt's body on the famous Nibelungen saga. On the back of the shirt, between the scapulas, we drew a cross just as Kriemhild did on the robe of Siegfried the dragon slayer. According to the legend, Siegfried had bathed in dragon blood to tan his skin and become invulnerable. The cross marked the spot where a leaf of a linden tree fell on Siegfried's body while bathing, leaving a single point of vulnerability. Kriemhild«s intention was to let the knight Hagen von Tronje know where to protect her husband and she did so without telling Siegfried. Both were betrayed by Hagen von Tronje when he killed Siegfried. The inside of the shirt shows the leaf of the linden tree as well as quotes of Nibelungenlied that describe the betrayal. Blake Hamster's aim with this redesign was to address the issues of protection and trust – two components in today's relationships of love and sex that are critical for successfully reducing the rate of HIV infections.